Blooming Annoying: A short tale of ups and downs

While idly eating slices of fresh pineapple at the kitchen table, a certain beautiful face caught my eye on the nearby newspaper. Orlando Bloom was in my home town, and filming a movie, and I needed to get my fangirl butt down to wherever he was, ASAP.

I ran to my mom and shoved the newspaper in front of her face, demanding she identify which exact beach it was from the vague picture provided in the newspaper. After suggesting a few possibilities, I rushed off to try and contact the author of the article and harass them for more details. And that’s when I actually read the first paragraph of the article, which said that Orlando Bloom is in Los Angeles. The movie was filmed two years ago.

Well maybe it was for the best. A young girl, fully attired in her homemade Legolas costume, holding up her giant Legolas poster in the blustering wind while yelling for a possibly selfie, probably would have been cause for regret in later reflection.

Oh who am I kidding.

I would be proud to be that girl.
Legolassie FTW.


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