Stressed, depressed, and horribly dressed.

Here it is, proof that I can in fact keep a blog going for more than one day, and still feel excited to write in it.

I have two days left of this cruelly short holiday, and I’ve just been told that I have some Interact packathons on both tomorrow and Sunday, and I’m going tomorrow to read to the eldery, AND LET’S NOT FORGET I HAVE WORK TO DO AND MAYBE A LITTLE RELAXATION IS NEEDED.

So basically I can feel my chest clamming up again and I’m getting so stressed, and it really hurts. I turned down going out with my friends tomorrow, which means I’ll see all the pictures and it will hurt more. Yay times.

I think I’m going to invent a comfort robot, one that just reaches out its arms and embraces you in a giant hug, and whispers in your ear that it will be okay, and maybe says a few Tumblr text posts as well, after which I will breathe rapidly through my nose in silent laughter.


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